senses of simplicity and purity// to taste with your eyes

 Many events in my life have shown me the suffering of the world.  In this I realize how important my spiritual practices are to my Being and to my Work. 

In 1983 I began my journey into the Japanese Tea Ceremony as an active meditation practice where I learned that each bowl of tea served is sacred, an offering of peace for the world. It also taught me to be present with what is being offered. Now is a moment in time that will never come again.  

Wax, demar resin and the paper I make informs my senses of simplicity and purity. The paper invites me to look at my imperfections so that I may find a way to see we are all unique but similar, flawed but beautiful. Showing our bright side and our shadow side has meaning and necessity in our lives.  Each sheet of paper is my offering for peace in the world.

I developed this unconventional way of making paper so each piece is unique and, most of all, imperfect. The work invokes many different visions making them a journey or portal into ones own imagination.  I created a space where the viewer can rest and flow through to peace.

Thank you, 
Kandis Susol
Jakuan Studio

Kandis Susol

Jakuan Studio




AC Hotel Salt Lake City, Utah 3/2018




San Juan Islands Museum of Art " Substrate underlying current" 2/2018 - 5/2018

Anacortes Arts Festival Allen Family Focus Gallery “Resonance” 8/2017

Perry and Carlson “Tears for the World” Mt Vernon, WA 6/2017

Museo GalleryLangley, WA 7/2016

Museo GalleryLangley, WA 7/2015

Tears for the World Orcas Center Eastsound, WA 11/2014

March at Museo  Museo Gallery Langley, WA   3/2011

Hot Wall  Orcas Island Artworks   Olga, WA   6/2010 

Contemplative Path   Orcas CenterEastsound, WA6/2005 


group shows


San Juan Islands Museum Artists Registry Show 11/2016 and 2017

Artist Studio Tour Orcas Island8/2016 and 2017

Museo Gallery - Langley, WA on going since 5/2012- 2017

San Juan Islands Museum/ Peoples Choice Award - Friday Harbor, WA 11/2015

New Leaf - Orcas Island, WA 2/2015-12/2015

Art Works - Orcas Island, WA 2012 - 2013

“9”  Gallery - Friday Harbor, Washington 2012-13

Museo Gallery - Langley, WA 11/2012

Studio Tour Artists Show Orcas Center Eastsound, WA 8/2012

Monkey Puzzle Gallery - Orcas Island, WA 6/2009

Enigma et alOrcas Center Eastsound, WA9/2008

Two Moons Gallery - LaConner, WA2005 -2008

Esthetic-a Gallery - Orcas Island, WA 6/2007

Art Merchant International - Monroe, WA 2/2007

Magpie Gallery - Orcas Island, WA 6/2006

Kobo Gallery - Seattle, WA   7/2005

Northwest Women’s ArtKarma Place - Bow, WA 11/2004

Crow Valley - Orcas Island, WA 6/2004

Local Color Gallery - Seattle, WA   2003-2005


education in art


University of Washington Fiber Arts Major 1983-85

Urasenke Japanese Tea Ceremony 1983-1987

Kozo paper making with Richard Flavin 1987

Japanese Garden Design in Kyoto, Japan September 1995

Encaustics with Barbara Kerwin 2005

Encaustics with Patricia Slaggesbaugh 2005